All three garage doors cracked in the middle

jilinFebruary 20, 2006

All three of our garage doors have cracked in the middle on top when we bought the house, which is 11-year old. I noticed 2 of the garage doors have Craftsman 1/3 HP opener, the third one has 1/2 HP Cratsman opener. The previous owner didn't tell us why that happened. Can anyone think of anything that can cause the doors to crack? We are thinking about replacing all the doors. Our concerns are:

1. Will the openers be able to drive any door, or the horsepower kind of limits the weight of door it can drive?

2. Without knowing the cause of cracking, whether new doors will crack again shortly.

3. What should we think about when we shop for new garage doors?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!

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i would think the cracking was caused by either cheap doors or too much force pulling up from the openers. could be a combo of both. the up force is set when the opener is installed, and should be just enough to open the door, yet low enough to STOP opening if you grab the door. this is to prevent damage to the doors and anything else that the door catches. when my wife an i moved into our house, both doors were set to max force on up and down. i realised this when the door tried to pick up my truck by the trailer hitch one day. needless to say, one opener is now deceased(surprisingly NOT the one that pulled on the truck!) and the new one and the other old one are properly set now.

i say get a door company to come out and take a look at them. they may can just put in a plate at the top of each door. they should also be able to tell you if there is some other cause for the cracking.

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