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modern_mom35April 12, 2012

my husband and I are doing a large kitchen/first floor remodel and are leaning toward cork flooring. we love the look of the Wicanders Identity - Eden floating planks. I have searched all over and found both good and bad reviews. I was wondering if anyone out there could share their experiences/advice and how their cork floors have held up over the years.

we are concerned in particular about both general wearing and about water seeping between the planks causing the MDF to swell. my husband talked to Wicanders and they said you could put some type of seal on potential water areas to prevent this, but that it would add a lot $$ to install costs.

note: we have two young kids and a big (but lazy) dog

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It should be glued together in a kitchen. If you can not afford to do that, then skip even thinking about it. You can probably DIY the install though if you are remotely handy.

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Cork also fades in direct sunlight. The amount of windows and their placement should be taken into account if choosing cork. If this is for a north facing room with no direct sunight, it will probably be fine as long as it's glued together. If it's for a south facing room, then you will experience fade where the sunlight directly touches the floor. It can end up looking piebald if you have furniture creating shadows in spots. I have a friend who actually bought a sun lamp to be able to fade the flooring that was more interior in the great room to be able to match the faded cork by the windows. It was cheaper than ripping it all out. The bad part was that she had chosen a dark cork to contrast with the natural fir logs of the space and the cork faded to almost the same tone as the logs. It was too overwhelmingly midtone wood on wood, which was NOT what she had intended it to look like.

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Can't comment on Wicanders. I installed click-together planks from Natural Cork about 5 years ago in our kitchen. I did not glue them. Natural Cork has (or did) what they call "JointShield" which is a moisture protection system applied to the edges of the planks. We have not had any floods, just occasional spills from glasses, pans etc. We wipe them up and have had not problems due to water. Also I damp mop the floor without a problem. The stuff they apply is a moisture repellent -- paraffin oil based.

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We installed floating cork flooring on a cement slab in our family room. Its a high traffic area that connects to our outside pool, garage and kitchen (which has wood and not on slab). Our flooring store did not recommend using glue. Honestly I think the floor is more durable than our original red oak flooring which runs throughout the rest of the house. We used We Cork. You do need to make sure that you use an established brand. Its sealed and I clean just like I do my oak floors (I use Boma).

We were very nervous about installing the Cork but its been great. Dogs, cats, kids have not been an issue.

Any flooring will fade in sunlight. I have had carpet,wood, vinyl fade. I now have windows with low e glass that have solved the fading problem.

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thank you all for the great feedback! very helpful!

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I have Natural Cork click and lock floors that were installed 5 years ago in my kitchen. They have held up well. There are some places where the seams are a bit more noticeable than when they were first installed.

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We installed the Wicanders Original Dawn floating cork floor in our kitchen 7 months ago. Love it so much we purchased Wicanders plank (might be the identity color, cannot recall at the moment!) for our basement.

Hubby is an engineer so he put it in the kitchen himself; its a small space at 8x13ft. Haven't had any issues with water etc. but to be fair we aren't 'years in' to utilizng the product.

Wicanders sells a gel product you can put between the seams of the cork which we did purchase for the basement. It was not a lot more money - 1 tube cost $15 and does 100 sq ft ... and that is in Canada, so if you are in the US its likely cheaper! We haven't tackled the basement floor yet, likely on tap for May, so I cannot comment on how easily it applies etc. However, the Wicanders rep said the gel doesn't dry hard like glue, it stays flexible so we would be able to pull the planks apart and move them around during the install.

Wicanders is one of the better rated cork flooring products (according to the various flooring places I spoke with) so I am certain you will be pleased. One of those places knew of an install in a commercial office environment and there was no wear on the product showing anywhere, so it does hold up well.

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hello there
anyone here had any issues now with their wicander brand? we want to do kitchen/living. thanks!

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