Craftsman GDO - problem with the opener lights

maandinoFebruary 21, 2009

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Re: Craftsman Garage Door Opener model 139.53985D

The problem consist that approximately, ten minutes after the garage door is closed, the opener door lights are turning on automatically, and remain on. I verified that both safety sensors and the indicator lights are okay (green on one side and amber the other side- steady-) also verified that there is no obstruction in the sensor beam. I keep trying to turn off the lights using the "Wall- Mounted Door Control" but the lights remain on.

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I am wondering if this might have something to do with the function that automatically turns your lights on or off when the sensor beam is broken. Also I wonder if programming this function might eliminate your problem.

To program the lights to come on automatically when you walk into an open garage you must START with the lights ON. If you don't want that feature and you want to turn it off you must START with the lights OFF.

To turn the feature on, turn the lights on manually with the wall switch, then press and hold the LIGHT button for about 10 seconds until the motor unit light bulbs flash.

Now, if the light bulbs are on, manually turn them off and then walk out through the open door. The light bulbs should come on.

To disable this feature, start with the light bulbs OFF and everything else is the same.

I think it is worth a try to see if this helps.

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Wish I had this info sooner. Long story short, I didn't realize you had to start with the light on to make the feature work. Evidently, I was trying to program it starting with the light off and when it didn't work, I thought the system was broken. I've been putting up with the light feature not working for months!

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