Craftsman GDO Strange Problem

wrenchjockyFebruary 18, 2009

I just finished a major overhaul of my 18yo Clopay garage door, with new springs (extension), rollers, hinges, etc. I dissasembled, inspected, cleaned and lubed the necessary components of the Craftsman garage door opener as well. After installation, during the adjustment phase, a problem cropped up that I have not been able to determine the cause of. When the motor cover is on the door opener, the door will only open 4-6ft. When the cover is removed, the door opener operates perfectly, full travel both up and down. I have tried adjusting the force controls to the max settings, which has no effect. I have disconnected the door from the opener and checked the door travel top to bottom for binding and dragging, the door is perfectly balanced and travel is smooth. I removed the logic board and inspected the PCB for loose solder joints and fractures of the circuit paths, in case the board was flexing when the cover is installed. Also I inspected the limit switches to verify the motor cover was not impeding their travel and function. As soon as I remove the motor cover the door opener works perfectly. I donÂt even have to tighten the cover screws before the door opener stops functioning correctly. I suppose I could just leave the cover off, but it has worked fine for the past 18 yrs with the cover on. One thing IÂd like to add here, is that when the door opener is first used after sitting overnight, it will open the door all the way one time, after that, it will only open the door roughly half way. If you double tap the wall switch, the door will continue from its half-mast position, to its fully open position. At all times the door will close normally.

Hopefully one of you garage door gurus will have seen this condition before and point out something obvious that I have overlooked.

Thanks to all,


Garage door opener specs

Model # 139.53515SR

Receiver # 41A3624

Mfg date 10/91

Hp ½

Clopay garage door 16x7

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