craftsman 1/2hp gdo, rf problem

fred123February 8, 2007

Hi, I am sorry this is long but please help!!!!

I've read hundreds of post today. My problem is similar to many. Like many others I am having problem with my remote and keyless entry pad and as with many the problem seemed to start around the same time I changed batteries. They either won't work at all or the remote only works when you stand under the gdo or sometimes only a few feet away. Sometimes I can get the KEP to work for a few times then not.

However, my problem is intermittent, some times they (the remote and KEP) will open and close the GD sometimes not. I can go days where they work and then they don't. I am a sahm so most of the time I use them is during the day.I have torn my hair out trying to fiqure this out I have tried just about all the related fixes I found in this forum that I thought would pertain to my problem (mainily reprogramming issues)It finally dawned on me that most of the times when one or the other or both have worked its during the day Mon - Fri. Rarely do they ever work when my husband is driving the family around and that just happens to be in the evenings and on weekends. For Example I tried the remote today it worked fine even from the street(40ft away) I used it every hour or two and it worked fine, at 6:00 it didn't work. I am begining to think there must be some radio frequency interference. What do you think? If so, what can I do. I hate to think I have to spend a bunch of money to buy a new GDO just because someone around me bought a new toy :[ Anyone have any idea's?

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Did you add anything new to your home or garage (electronic or electric) about the time this problem started? Some things so far removed you wouldn't even consider them can cause interference. There is a small LED on the rear of the opener near where all those white wires go. It will normally blink randomly but if it is rapidly blinking it is either receiving a signal from your remote or interference. I would really suspect something like this because of the timing.

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No, nothing new add to my home or garage. The led does blink randomly it has never blinked rapidly or in a set pattern. I perfmormed my experiment again, and found that most of the time the remote opener worked all day long opening and closing but by a certain time at night it stops working. Today is Saturday and as usual it won't work on the weekends. To try to isolate the problem and make sure there wasn't any weird interference problems from the other remote or the keypad I removed the batteries in both of those. So for about a week now there is only the one working remote. No change. Again, it usaully works during the day but never at night or weekends. Any possible cause I or anyone else can think of does not explain why it works and doesn't work at specific times. I've had this problem for 3 months now and I am ready to just buy new. I just want a functioning garage door!!!

My biggest concern is what if I buy a new one and whatever the interference is it affects the new one? Also, I've seen a lot of post re: craftsman 1/2hp gdo, should I stay away from this brand.

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My remotes (homelink) have stopped working and only the wall unit works.

Also the wall unit is blinking rapidly and continuously for the past 2 days.

I typically use Homelink, but double checked with the remotes provided by the GDO and they don't seem to work either.

The GDO light blinks when the remote is activated, but nothing happends.

The Unit is Craftmans, not sure if it is 1/2 HP. But it is for a single door for 2 car garage, chain drive.

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On the wall button there will be a button that says lock push and hold that a few seconds and let go, the light on the wall pad should be on solid now and the remotes should work.

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