Is this veneer? Can I fix/replace patches of it?

GCortezJuly 11, 2012

Hi All,

I'm a total newb at this DIY business - but I found this great table for free on craigslist (which is where the picture is from, I can also add some of the sanded leaf). The family that owned it had kids who sure loved on this table but I figured a paint job would cover it all up.

After sanding the leaf that came with it I realized that I would rather stain it instead of painting it. I noticed some chipping on the edges and figured wood filler would work. Before trying it out I came online to do some research and now I'm more confused than I was before!!

So here are my questions:

Is this veneer? I've sanded away the glossy-ness =o) but as I mentioned above there is also a thin sheet of wood(?) that is chipping.

Should I just chip it all off and hope the underneath looks good enough to stain?

Will I be able to fill it with some wood filler and then stain it? Will the wood filler take the stain? (My research leads me to believe that no, it wont).

Would I be able to fix the chips with veneer edging tape? This is where I'm really confused and why my online research led me here.

Any information/advice/tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!


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wood filler can work to fix chips, although you will have to color the wood filler with artist colors, and do a little faux finishing. You can fix the chips with veneer, you just need to find a match in grain and color.

If the chips are small I would just stain over, and finish

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Thanks for the advice! I'm posting pictures of a few of the chips - just to give you a better picture of what I'm dealing with. Also, you can see the wood finish under the gloss that I sanded off.
Just to clarify - I should stain the whole table first and then go back and fill in the chips. Or sand, fill in chips, then condition and stain?

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