Fiber Floor Installation Question

andrelaplume2April 10, 2014

Ok, being an allergy sufferer I tend to tak no chances. I do not want carpet in the basement for fear of:

1) natural mositure coming up thru concrete will over time create mold underneath

2) a flood of some sort could do the same

I found tarket fiberfloor and thought it could be a good alternative. It says its installed free floating (or glued) and water/mold resistant. I figured as a free floating install I could periodically pick it up to insure nothinng is brewing. Further, if there was a flood, I could roll it up, clean and dry the floor and put it back down.

The installer however won't install it in the basement as a free floating floor. He says they have no luck with that. Eventually it will ripple here or there; especially with a bunch of cuts around stairs / closets etc. They prefer to glue it down for a permanant solution.

Tarkette says that would work but mold could still brew under would eventually show as a discoloration to the flooring.

I could twist the installers arm and get it installed with no glue I guess. The installer did my entire house above grade. However, I would think they would know if its going to ripple or not.

I feel like I may be back to sqaure one...painting the floor and throw rugs.

Opinion on fiber floor in basements...glue / no glue / skip product all together?

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As long as your slab is within manufacturer's guideline for moisture emission, then I see no reason for you not to have the flooring adhered with the recommended Tarkett adhesive.

If too much moisture is emitted, then fix the moisture problem with the slab...many ways to do that.

Perhaps discuss the moisture issue directly with the technical folks at Tarkett.

BTW, there are other fiberflor options in the commercial section of the Tarkett flooring business. Look for heterogenous vinyl flooring...similar stuff, more durable and...different patterns and colors.

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