Garage cabinets -- newbie question

homey_birdFebruary 13, 2009


I spend a lot of time generally on kitchen and bath fora; however suddenly garage organization has shot up on my priority list.

Due to a recent conversion of formal dining room into a bedroom, I have lost my space to display china and wine glasses etc.

This space used to contain items that we use occasionally while entertaining therefore they can be stored in the garage, and we are thinking of building garage organizers for it.

I am curious about the following:

1. Since garages are not as well insulated and weatherproof as the house, do we need to install special cabinets? (Our garage is in excellent condition).

2. Have folks here tried ikea kitchen cabs? Any known issues?

3. Any other brand/idea suggestions for this? I am basically looking for compact, sturdy and long lasting options, preferably wood look (not rubbermaid kind).

Thanks in advance!

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BTW, I am in SFO Bay Area, since I made some comments regarding weather and insulation.

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Lots of people recycle old kitchen cabinets for garage storage. I've never any fail due to temperature/humidity extremes but I've never been to SF either.

Cabinets are one of those things, that within reason, you pretty much get what you pay for. Cheap cabinets are often poorly constructed BUT for occasional use should last much longer than they would in, say, a kitchen.

What about finishing your garage?

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I used a bunch of those white cabinets that Home Depot and Lowes sells in their "storage" section, out in my barn (used for projects and storage). They have been there for 3 years now and no issues whatsoever. They wipe up real nice and look as good as new. I used old kitchen cabinets from when we remodeled the kitchen, out in the garage. No issues with them either. Our weather here experiences rain, snow, fog, heat, humity, freezes, thaws one time or other during the year.

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Thanks for the replies so far. To answer Mike's question: my garage is finished; in fact finished so well that I am tempted to convert it into a living area :-)

Certainly if people in Maryland can do it, I guess I can do it over here in SFO. I would love to hear from other posters, any more info or specifics.

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We used Ikea cabinets in our detached workshop/garage and they've worked out just fine so far. The building has been climatized but we only turn on the heat or air when we're spending time out there. I am a bit concerned about how the blumotion hinges will work around sawdust over time. They aren't built as well as the metal cabinets we have in the attached garage so I don't think I would use Ikea cabinets in a typical garage environment where vehicles, tools, sports equipment, etc. are stored and used on a regular basis because I think they would get pretty banged up. But for storing dishes they should be fine.

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Thanks a lot, for all the postings. I take from this discussion that since my garage is not a workshop (read: no sawdust etc.) I should be fine with the Ikea cabs.

Thanks again; might post on kitchen forum too for further ideas since folks out there are a lot more familiar with ikea kitchen cabs.

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