Drive Gear Stripped again

auburn97February 11, 2008

I have a Sears 1/2 HP crafstman garage opener model 139.53413 which had been working fine since I bought my house 4 years ago. Then it went haywire and wouldn't work anymore. I opened the cover and discovered that the genious design for a plastic gear had been shreded somehow. The worm gear looked fine. I replaced the drive gear and cleaned out the worm gear. I could not replace the worm gear because I couldn't get those darn washers out. Well, after re-installing the gear, the garage worked perfectly again and no more sawdust. This only lasted for 1 week. Now, tonight, one of the coldest nights of the year, it decides to stop again. I open up the cover, and more stupid white sawdust....the gear is stripped again.

What on earth is wrong? Why would it work perfectly then all of a sudded go kaput? It must be off axis somewhere, but everything lines up perfectly. I would replace the worm drive if I could get the washers out, but I don't think a new worm and gear are going to solve the problems.

Is it time for a new garage door opener or could I buy a replacement for this.

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The most common reason a gear strips so soon is because the door is too heavy or the gear was not lubricated or both. If the door has not been maintained a new opener will do the same thing. You may need to file any burrs off the motor shaft to remove the washers. The instructions that come with the new gear are great.

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Hi auburn, fwiw greased gears on this genius design last 15-20 years.

Also FWIW the shaft lets those washers slide off.
and the endplay on the motor shaft must be correct. iu am pretty sure 53400 series is old, play is probably off.

gearkit for older units is NOT NOT NOT 41a2817

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