Sun interfering with infared beam on garage door

dunwiddieFebruary 19, 2006


I am having a problem with the sun. When it is lower in the horizon (fall - spring) interfers with the sensors. The 'eyes' are in the shade, and when I cast a shadow in the garage door opening, the door closes with the remote. I assume that the sun cuts through the beam. Is there any way, or any product that will send a stronger infared beam signal to the receiver? Are any garage door brands better than others in dealing with direct sunlight?

Thanks in advance!


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I had the same problem in two different homes. In one case, having sears come out and replace the circuit board worked. In the other I fashioned blinders for the eyes out of cardboard paper towel cores. That seemed to work.

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You can also reverse the position of the sensors. This sometimes takes care of the problem although it's not as easy as the cardboard tube.

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Thanks for the info. I am going to try:
1. paper towel rolls over the eyes
2. reversing the eyes
3. moving the eyes farther apart.

in that order. Hopefully that'll help. I hate to go back to the circuit board. I'm hesitant because the garage fails to open even when the eyes are in the shade. I cannot cast a shadow over the door opening.

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you could also plant a bush in the line of sight for the sun.

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I'm hesitant because the garage fails to open even when...

Did you mean to say "fails to close"? Because with every garage door I've ever seen, the photo sensors only affect the door when it's closing. If you really have a problem with it opening, you may need to adjust the open force settings on the opener. These are safety settings that tell the opener to reverse the door when opening or closing if an abnormal amount of force is needed to move it. Yours may be set too conservatively. Consult the owner's manual for instructions on how to adjust these for your particular opener. This problem comes up occasionally in the Home Repairs forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adjusting force settings

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