Craftsman 139.53629SRT Keeps Running

najajrFebruary 9, 2008

Hello Craftsmen Door Guy Experts (Pretty soon I will be able to join your ranks I think).

One of you advised me about 2-3 years ago (Doorman06?) when I replaced the drive gear on my Craftsman 1/2 HP Unit. Today I needed to replace the drive gear AND sprocket. (Replacement Part 41C4220A) It seems some type of bearing had worn out, the sprocket had all types of play, and the chain would not stay put. Anyway, after two or three hours spent replacing the drive gear and sprocket, I believe I may have upset something inside the unit and the motor runs continually even after the limit terminals make contact.

What did I do wrong? Better yet, what do I do now?



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Sounds like you may have knocked loose a wire that runs to the limit switch. If you did I would think it would be hanging there.

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Hi Don,

Thanx for reponse. I disconnected and reconnected all of the terminal wires I could see. Could the circut board have shorted out or something? Sears wants $200.00 (120 + 80) for a new unit plus install. I think it would be $80.00 well spent!!



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Hi Nick, good chance you already had an inop limit circuit in yuor logic board. I ALWAYS test the limits first b4 putting in a gearkit or sprocket assy. Sorry , Dave.

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