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misty_2006February 15, 2006

I just bought a home and for 3 weeks all the garage door openers worked great. Now I need to be standing within 3 feet of the main unit on the ceiling for the signal to work and open the garage.

Can someone please tell me what I can do ? and I am hoping the words buy a new unit is not my only option.

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Misty it doesn't sound good. If only one remote had short range it would be easier but you say they all are that way. The odds of all remotes needing batteries at the same time is pretty small. It points directly to the logic board which includes the receiver. The logic board is expensive and if you can't DIY the labor is expensive. If you can DIY get the model number off the motor unit. It looks like this. 139.XXXXXSRTX. Go to or call your local sears parts department and you can get the price. I wish I had a better answer for you.

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I have a Craftsman door opener model 139.53606. When the remote is pushed to open the garage door the motor runs but the chain belt either doesn't move or just moves slightly. If I try to move the chain manually, it will move by itself about 6" and stop. When I move the chain again, the same thing will happen. When I took off the garage door opener cover, there were shredded pieces of plastic in the bottom. But when I looked at the gears and drives, they looked OK. I need suggestions on whet to do next. If I need to replace any of the gears, is that something that is difficult to do?

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Try the batteries first. To Stevend: Your main gear is shot. You will need to replace the gear,(big job for homeowner), or replace the unit. If you can do this yourself, then it may be worth a try. If you are going to call sears, forget it. Buy new... Dan

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