Sears 1/2HP Garage door opener

knottdgFebruary 1, 2009

Getting ready to call a service guy - no green light...took both eyes off held them 2"apart ... would not go green... worked fine for 8+ years. Just clicks 5 to 10 times. Motor does not budge.

Any ideas before I call Sears.

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broken/loose wire?

if the unit is not under warranty, i would just get a new one unless you can repair it yourself. a new opener is 130-150.00. a service call is gonna be over half that plus any parts. and they will ahve to come back to install teh parts because he ain't gonna have them on the truck, so that is 2 weeks before he comes the first time, then 2 more weeks before the parts are in and he can get back.

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