Windows in Garage Door - Yes or No?

stubabyFebruary 5, 2008

I need a new steel garage door (16' x 7'). I was curious if any of you have any pros or cons against getting windows in the top rail of the door? I originally wanted just a door without windows, but the windows look like they add a nice touch of curb appeal. Somehow I think if I got windows I would just be paying extra for trouble down the road (windows cracking from stress, leaking, lack of privacy, etc.). Please enlighten me with your opinions. If it matters, the door would be an Amarr. As always, thanks in advance.

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Not in Florida. Hurricanes = code.

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We got 'em on ours (no code issue). Looks better IMO, or at least more interesting. Also provides a little light. Not too worried about privacy since you'd have to get up close to see in. I suppose in some areas that might be a concern, but not for us. Glass is relatively easy to replace since it's single pane.

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It's interesting how people differ on this issue. Our house came with standard, builder-grade, uninsulated, 4-panel garage doors with windows in the second panel from the top. There are no other windows in our garage, so I thought the windows in the garage doors were fabulous. In fact, I wanted even more light so we replaced the original doors with 3-panel carriage-style doors with even bigger windows last year. It's great to have so much natural light in the garage during the day. We don't have to turn on a light and we can see outside without ever opening the door. It's funny though - when we first moved into our (new) housing development 13 years ago, many of our neighbors had blacked-out their garage windows. There was even an article in the HOA newsletter about products you could buy for that purpose.

I used to joke with my husband about how the neighbors must have meth labs in their garages because I couldn't understand why someone would block perfectly good windows when everyone can see everything in your garage whenever you open the door/s, which is at least a couple times a day for us. Besides, with the slope of our driveways, you have to be taller to see into our garage than to look out of our garage. In any case, most of our neighbors have removed the material from their garage windows, so I guess they're feeling more secure now - or they moved their meth labs to another location :-)

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i have windows in both garage doors. and 2 36"x72" windows in one wall. i honestly hate all 4 sets because i want to be able to close my doors and no one know i am home if i feel like it. my wife and i had the house to ourselves one weekend, both kids gone to grandmother's house. we decided to sleep in Sat morning. well, about 9 we get woke up to BANGING on our window. it was her uncle hollering and baging saying open the door. we thought some emergency had happened, so we hurried to let him in. all he wanted was to know if he could pick some plums! i told him then and there that if the GD is shut he can knock once and ONLY once on the back door. after that he better leave.

i am seriously considering putting up plywood on those windows just so no one can see in.

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On the top row I think its okay but on my old door they were in the third row and that was too low for comfort - no privacy, and bad lighting from them. On the top row the lighting they let in is better and there is hardly any loss of privacy.

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