Sears 1/2hp Garage opener problems

srslyfreshFebruary 6, 2011

Tried searching to no avail, so I am posting up my specific situation:

Some pre-info: Last couple days has been really cold. The garage door would go down and not close all the way, it would stop an inch or two before the ground. If I pushed it down a little then use the remote to close it again, the door would go down all the way.

Now to today: it warmed up a lil and when I went to close the door it went down a foot and went back up. I looked at the chain and it seemed to be a lil dry so I sprayed it with a garage door lube. Pressed the remote again, and it did the same thing but this time the chain became loose. Tried one more remote press and the opener hums for a few seconds but nothing happens. Nothing moves.

I opened up the box, all the gears are ok. no shavings or worn down. The small indicator light on the box blinks 5 times. Tried unplugging the power for 30 minutese but still doesnt work.

Anyone have links to pictures of how to fix?

Thanks for any help

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ps. I can move the door manually with ease. The springs are not broken either. seems the problem is in the motor section of the opener.

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That LED blinking 5 times is sending the code for RPM sensor or motor overload. The RPM sensor is a small circuit board just in front of the motor. If you run the motor too much while trying to diagnose a problem the thermal switch will turn it off and the light will blink like that. With your problem I lean towards a bad RPM sensor. If it were the door sensors causing this problem your main light would flash 10 times when the door reversed.

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