Fur coat Insurance

goldyOctober 23, 2003

I have three fur coats that I have been paying insurance on for 15 years.Since the coats have out lived their ten year life Span should I continue to pay this insurance? I would like a quick answer the bill is due next month.Goldy

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Why not donate them to the church rummage sale and get the tax write-off?

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Call your insurance agent and ask whether your policy covers the furs at replacement cost, or whether you'd just get their current market value. If all you'd get is the market value, it's doubtful that the insurance makes sense at this point; on the other hand, if this policy covers replacement cost, the insurance might be worthwhile. You just have to look at what the insurance is costing you next to what they'd pay out to you if the furs were stolen or destroyed, and make a judgment as to whether you'd rather assume the risk yourself or pay an insurance company to assume it for you.

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Thanks for your replys.I will read the policy and see what it says.My coats are 15years old but still good .They are like part of my family.Donate to charity?No way!! Who buys new furs at srventy four?I will either keep paying or take my chances.

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Call my agent and he all but told me the policy has outlived the coats and it was up to me if I wanted to keep the policy.They would only give me what they are worth and fur deprciate fast.Thanks for your advice Ican use the money elswhere.Goldy

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I'm glad it was helpful, and I think you made the right decision. If all they are going to give you is the current value, the insurance is not a very good deal. Of course, in a case like this, since the furs have sentimental as well as monetary value, another consideration is that money couldn't really replace them anyhow.

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Goldy -- don't forget that you need to have faith. Go ahead and donate those coats. Who needs three of them, anyway, especially at age 74?

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Or maybe consider donating them to PETA or your local humane society? They can use them in educational seminars teaching about the inherant cruelty that goes with the fur business.


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Well, these are already dead, so PETA can't bring them back. And Goldy said they were important to her and had sentimental value, so I really don't understand the advice to give them away.

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In another thread, Goldy advised Alisande that the best way to budget her income is first to give 10% of it to the church. I thought maybe the same logic should apply to the fur coats.

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maybe she already GAVE her 10% of her income to the church.

Even if you firmly believe in tithing (which I do), you are entitled to the 90% that remains, you know; God intends you to have it and use it. You're supposed to give 10% of your INCOME to the church, not 10% of all you own)

Goldy's problem isn't that she minds owning the coats. She loves owning the coats. Sorry, Karen.

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Hi, all,

... you mean, if I give God that 10% that some seem to think is required (which I think would be easier on annual income of $100,000. than of $20,000.) ...

... I can do whatever I darn well please with the rest?

Seems to me that if I am fully committed to serving God/Christ, I'd need to ask whether every potential use of each dollar in my/our/His/Her possession were appropriate from His/Her point of view.

And my time, talents, skills, etc., as well.

Which, of course, none of us does perfectly.

In a similar vein, I don't think that I should have a very different lifestyle on Sunday and through the rest of the week - seems to me that my life shuld be consistent, all of a piece, integrated.

Not part sacred and part secular.

Have yourself a great week, all.

joyful guy

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But who could possibly know what God intends anyone to have and to use? Ed (I believe he's an ordained minister) admits he doesn't. and I can tell you that I sure don't.

Or, as Alisande put it, some people "find faith and spirituality have so little to do with money that we find it hard to discuss both matters in the same conversation."

That makes so much sense to me that I believe I will officially withdraw my suggestion to Goldy. May she keep and wear those coats in peace and joy!

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True, Ed, but trying always to follow God's will doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the blessings he gives you. God does not require his followers to impoverish themselves or to deny themselves all enjoyment, even in material things.

The problem w/ enjoying material things comes when one ceases to recognize that they are a gift from God. And when the preservation of material things becomes one's goal.

Maxwell: You addressed your note to Karen, but I think you meant to address it to me? I ended my note "sorry, Karen" because I was addressing her concern about the fur trade, and PETA, etc. Perhaps you thought that was my signature. (I'm Talley Sue)

I agree, it's not that easy for anyone to know what God intends them to do w/ what he gives them. Therefore it's doubly hard for someone else to know what God intends for Goldy.

I'm glad you've retracted your suggestion.

I have a philosophy on the tithe, and how it realigns our values (where your money is, there your heart is also), and how the percentage business it intended to make it easier, and sorry Ed, but I do believe that God will make sure those who tithe don't suffer for it. Not necessarily that they'll be materially rich, but that they will have what they need.

I once gave a speech at my church about how tithing, for me, is a major express and confirmation of my faith in a living God who will intervene directly in my life when I need him.

(I do agree w/ Ed that part of how God blesses us is by giving us a brain to use in taking care of ourselves)

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You're right, Talley Sue. I got confused with the Karen business. Sorry.

Don't forget though, that it's also "doubly hard" for Goldy to know what God intends for Alisande, the actual point I was trying to make in my suggestion to Goldy.

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