Your opinion counts. Stanley or Bernhardt?

korimJuly 26, 2012

Currently I am looking into a dining set at the entry level brands.

What do you think of Stanley and Bernhardt? At this price point, I am only dreaming "made in USA". I am aware of the fact made out of USA.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Also, I am interested in buying online from NC or SC stores. If you have any information or recommendation, that'll be fantastic, too.

Thank you!

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Stanley shipped a lot of manufacturing offshore and has started bringing it back. For a few years, including recently, they never got a good handle on quality issues from offshore stuff. I saw some dreadful stuff that should have never made it out of the factory, yet it ended up in a customer's home. I'd be leery of it because even if what you see in the store is perfect, the next item off the line might have poor finish, broken parts, poor fit, substandard material. Just anecdotal, but that's been my experience as a furniture repair technician. I see a little bit of Bernhardt, but my (retailer) customer that used to carry the most of it closed their doors a couple of years ago.

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Thank you, bobsmyuncle.

You story is something I could never hear without this forum! Furniture shopping is very difficult because the more you pay the more you get. But how much you want to spend depends on completely individual judgement. I don't want to spend everything I have on furniture, so I need to determine my price point. I just want to find a well-build furniture in my taste.

Good to know about the situation of Stanley. I will keep that in mind!

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