Extended appliance warranty question

jessyfOctober 1, 2010

This isn't a hill I'm willing to die on, but I'd like opinions. We have enough strong arms in the house for next time.

2003 we bought an Advantium Speed Cooker - like a very heavy microwave oven. I bought, for grins, an extended warranty that has paid for itself after the turntable post broke. I extended the warranty.

It is a built in unit, made for over the range or in a cabinet, NOT countertop.

The magnetron broke - and long story short, according the EW people, WE are responsible for removing/replacing the oven, and its a two man job which they won't authorize. Would cost us $75 for a second guy. Two hours of phone calls got us nowhere and for now we will take it down and put it up ourselves. They claim their paperwork says one thing and we say the other. I'm running into a wall of customer no-service.

Question - for NEXT time - how should I proceed to tell them that OUR paperwork makes no mention of 'customer responsibility to make the unit available to work on' and have them do the right thing? EW is 'Service Protection Advantage', I think our orignal plan was sold.

Like I said, for $75, this isn't a huge deal. Just curious if there is a way to get 'em.

THANKS to all.

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The way to "get em" is to not buy their ripoff warranty products to begin with. Count yourself lucky that you were able to get anything out of them the first time.

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Yes, avoid extended warranties...The only people making $$$ from them are those that sold them to you

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It wasn't your question but this is a no brainer. If extended warranties were a good deal then the stores wouldn't be pushing them.

Huge profit for them. Most aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

I've actually been offered EW's for $20 items at Best Buy. I said, "You've got to be kidding me"

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Make sure the warranty states where the repair will take place. it should say shop or in-home, then there is no question about who does what. If it doesn't say in writing then it is she said - he said.


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I have dealt with literally hundreds of complaints on consumer products and services with a 92% success rate.

First, NEVER deal with a low-level employee on these matters. Next, write a certified letter to the CEO of Advantium. Dates, facts of what went wrong...who you have spoken to thusfar, the whole wallet full of steps and phone calls you have taken. Do not write your opinion about any of your experiences with the help. Just the facts, explained dispassionately, and that you still haven't received satisfaction.

Why certified? It signals you are a man of serious intent. At the end of your letter - state what you want. Perhaps by this point in time it's fair to ask for a new Speed Cooker entirely. Wait 30 days until after your return receipt has shown up.

Finally, if the CEO or a rep. does not contact you to your satisfaction within 30 days - send a copy of the original letter to each member of the board of directors. YOU WILL CERTAINLY GET SOME POSITIVE ACTION.

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Take a copy of your warranty and circle where your warranty states what you say it does. Do it on both the originial and the extension. The language may not be the same on the extension. Then send it.

Of course I have found that the repair parts are never available and they only offer on a new one about the amount you would pay for taxes on a new one.

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