Craftsman GDO Remote won't work at distance

george911February 9, 2009

My 5 year old 1/2 HP Craftsman garage door opener started acting up the other day. The remote controls used to work from the street, now you have to be almost in the garage to get the door to open or close. I immediately suspected the remote batteries and bought 3 new batteries plus a new battery for the door keypad. The keypad still works fine but the remotes no longer operate any distance from the door. I reset all three of the remotes and keypad but no change. Any ideas what has happened or how to fix?



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Have you added anything electrical new to your home or garage around the time you lost distance? You would be surprised at some things that will cause your problem. If you haven't then most likely the receiver portion of your logic board has gone bad.

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Craftsman 1/2hp Garage DOOR WILL NOT WORK-no power? Sensor`s and lights do not light up-there is power to unit.
Remotes or key pad do not work. Model #13953975SRT1. This unit worked good before,Door was closed and would not 0pen,
when unit quit-not while opening or closing.

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Unplug the unit and take a good look at the logic board. Check for burnt or missing traces on the printed circuit board especially around the small transformer.

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