Craftsman 139.53627SRT Chain driven Garage Door Opener

myusicmanFebruary 19, 2008

I just bought my home that had this model garage door opener. It worked fine when we had the home inspected pre-purchase. When we moved in, it started acting up, but then seemed to "fix itself". After we cleaned out the garage and straightened it up, it began doing the same thing again. We did nothing more than carefully brush spider webs off the sensors and wiring attached to the sensors with a broom. Specifically, it works fine going up, but when closing, as soon as it starts downward motion, it returns and the overhead lights blink 10 times. I checked the sensors. As best I can tell they seem to be in alignment with one another, and the wiring seems to be solid, but before I check further into wiring, perhaps someone knows something about the trouble I'm having. The Sending sensor has a steady green light, but the Receiving sensor has no light at all, of any color, at any time. If I hold the wall switch, the door will close just fine. Thanks to anybody that can help. Also, is there anywhere that I can get a user manual for this GDO?

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Your receiving sensor or the wiring to it is bad. An owners manual should be available from Click on parts and enter your model number.

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Chris Spinnato

I have a manual

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myusic man, try checking the wire from the reciver to the gdo, especially around the stapels.

Odds are you dont have them eyes aligned at each other correctly. odds are Board did not die from you cleaning, nor did the sensors.
odds much higher you bumped them out of alingment a lil, or broek a wire.

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