Replace Chain with Belt

slance66February 2, 2009

My old Liftmaster Chain drive unit has ceased working. I've put enough into repairs in the past (enough for a couple new units) that I'm done with it. Since my master bedroom is over the garage, a belt drive is preferable anyway. I'm looking at the Chamberlain Whisper drive, but I worry about the difficulty of DIY installation. My current units hang a full 6 feet below the roof of my garage (ceiling height is probably 14 feet or more). If I can't use the existing brackets I'm in trouble.

Since I'm going from chain to belt, how hard is the installation? I know I need to use the new rail, but what about the brackets? Sensors? If I know how it works from installation, my future repair bills should go down as well.

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The odds are very good that you will be able to use the existing brackets. The owners manual is written for the DIY'er. Follow the steps and you won't go wrong. Other than the brackets I would use everything furnished with the new opener including the sensors. You might save the old sensors for repair down the road.

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I replaced my Liftmaster chain drive opener with a Chamberlin Belt Drive (bought it at Lowes).

Did it by myself. Took a few hours.
was able to use existing brackets as don stated. used new for everything else.

man....that belt drive is quiet.....
good luck.

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Just to support what the other guys stated here and, to give you a bit more confidence......the belt drive will be a god send and you can surely do it yourself. Even if you did run into a situation with the existing brackets, any hardware store has exactly what you will need (although I doubt you'll have an issue). You may need an additional hangar at the halfway point on the channel but that shouldn't be a problem either......P.S. With DON 1 here to help you, you can't lose!!!!

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