refurbishing leather sofa?

katyajiniJuly 23, 2007

I have a five year old Bernhardt leather sofa in dark chocolate brown. The leather looks a little 'used', you know, as expected. Tiny little creases or scuff marks where there has been most rubbing.

Is there some product, or some way, to make the leather look a little better? Much like one can polish up wood a little bit and use stain pencils and make little scratches essentially disappear?

I am so completely ignorant in this regard. Thank you very, very much for any input!


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We had a furniture guy come out and touch up some scuffed areas of our couch but it seems like over time it wore off again. I have decided to consider it natural patina. :)

There are probably furniture dye experts that could help in your area.

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Yes, it can be done. Depending upon the type of leather (finished or unfinished) there are a different set of products. Finished leather has an opaque coat (think paint) and clear coat (think varnish) on it. Unfinished leather generally has a dye in the hide and may or may not have any type of protective top coat. It can be redyed and re-top coated as needed.

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Certainly! What kind of leather do you have on your sofa? Finished or Aniline?

Uniters, Inc. (under their Leathermaster brand) makes several dye products. A 'Sun Safe' kit is custom made for your soda and you can easily re-dye it yourself armed with a hair dryer and some patience. Most leather sofas have a 'flag' attached under the center cushion, that you can cut off and send in for them to make a dye kit for you.

If you don't need to re-dye, then a simple leather conditioning kit will do wonders to rejuvenate the piece. If you can't find a suitable product on-line, email me off list and I can get a Leathermaster kit to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leathermaster Products

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Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your timely responses. I did find Leathermasters and ordered their cleaning/protection kit. I am going to use it tomorrow and will let you know how it works out. They say it should make the leather look better but not good as new.

I also got a leather recoloration cream from This company says the sofa will look as new. I had to send a small leather sample for color matching so I wont have this product till the end of next week.

I want to try the different products on separate pieces and see what works best.

I will take before and after pictures to post.

Thank you again!


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Hello, does anyone know a place where i can get my cream color sofa dyed a darker color i am in Cameron Park, Ca close to Sacramento, Ca ?

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