Squeegee question

andrelaplume2February 13, 2008

We pull our cars in the garage. The snow and rain drips off. I usually end up trying to push all the puddled water out of the garage with a broom---it is not effective. I spent $25 on a squeegee at HD in the broom aisle. It says its for basement floors and garage floors. It has a long wooden handle with a curved squeegee at the bottom. The squeegee (rubber) piece is about 1/4 thick and maybe an inch and a haf high. It is NOT easy to push and NOT very effective. Did I buy the wrong thing? I would think the ideal thing would have a squeegee (rubber end) that was more flexible and may 3 inches tall....

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Is the cement surface smooth or rough? That could be the difference between an easy or hard push. I've got a similar squeegee and know for certain its not as easy as using a broom. For a light snow I do use the squeege on the sidewalks instead of a shovel.

Best of luck, rredogg

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You don't push a sqeege, you pull it.

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Squeegee. missed a few letters.

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