Craftsman Remote Stolen - does erasing codes in opener disable it

mtmansgirlFebruary 17, 2008

We believe one of our Craftsman garage door remotes was stolen out of our car in the driveway. We have the medium gray ones with teal/blue buttons, which I believe are the rolling code ones.

We went through the steps to erase all the codes in the opener itself and tested to make sure the one remaining one did not work. We then went through the steps to train the opener for the remaining remote. The two steps were repeated again just for extra measure.

Our main concern is to be absolutely sure the missing remote will no longer work and is completely disabled in case it did end up in the wrong hands. Do each of the remotes have their own codes and are we safe, or should we go buy two new remotes and chuck the other remaining?

We're concerned about safety and just want to be doubly sure.

Thank you in advance for any information and peace of mind you can provide.

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Unfortunately the only way you can be positive is to purchase new remotes. Erase the memory as you did before and then program your new remotes. I would remove the batteries from the old remote and discard it just to prevent problems in the future.

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Chris Spinnato

If you have garage door that has the learn button, all
you have to do press the learn button and hold it until the led light goes out and you will clear all the programs of the remotes. The ones that were stolen will not work.

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rangrfn and neither will the one you have in your hand. You have erased the memory of the receiver. But when you program the remote how do you know the remote that was stolen doesn't have the same code? You don't!

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Chris Spinnato

I know for a fact that the one that was stolen will not work when you program the ones that you have.
Because when you erase the memory all remotes become inoperative. Trust me I do it all the time.

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rangrfn you are pretty sure of yourself and you don't even know what model this poster has. Sometimes "knowing for a fact" is a lack of experience.

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Chris Spinnato

Don, I have been installing openers for over 10 years, so I am pretty sure that I know what I am doing. And that is a fact.

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Hi mtnmansgirl, the odds are VERY low that an erased powerhead would still work with a stolen remot ethat is not realigned.

Use the lock button if youhave one when you go to bed or out of town.

The odds of a home invasion or burglary via a wondow ar much higher than the 1 in a million (sometimes billion with some models) type odds the old remote will still work.

Or , if you have a lock button on your wall control, lock out remotes, and buy and use two keypads as your remotes.

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