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lexie1397April 17, 2013


My company has tasked me with finding a new flooring option for our offices.Most of the office is visible to suppliers/customers that visit and our destroyed carpet is not making a good first impression! It wasn't perfect when we moved in four months ago, but it's SO much worse.
(see photo: hydraulic oil footprints, two days worth of black rubber bits, and you can't even see the shredded areas from the tool shop's metal shavings!)

What sorts of easy clean (grease/oil) options exist for heavy foot traffic and moderate debris? I'm willing to look at all price ranges right now in an effort to educate myself; the budget is somewhat flexible

In an ideal world, it would be appropriate for all areas of the office including bathrooms and kitchenette, somewhat cozy looking (a few of us spend more time at work than home), and sound absorbent. We do have tile picked out for "wet" areas if we need it. I know compromises will have to be made!

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End-grain/woodblock flooring. You'll never destroy it or ever wear it out, and y'alls customers/clients will never forget y'all, or at least they'll never forget y'alls floor.

For some reason, GW would not accept any URL I entered as valid, but, these certainly valid.....

be certain to check them out

And here, click on the categories on the left. Lot's to see and read and learn:

The producers you find at the Clusty search results thing have some nice stuff. Look at the "Elmwood" pages.... They have some interesting options.....

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Rubber floor may not be a bad idea for your use.

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Commercial carpet tile. If you buy extra, and one piece gets damaged or stained, you can replace it and have it look like new. Carpet tile is more expensive than roll carpet, but it's more versatile, and that's what you're paying for.

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I just installed Flotex by Forbo textile sheet flooring in an industrial park office. That and a few strategically placed walk-off mats provides a floor surface that can be easily cleaned and maintained...and the walk-off mats do exactly what is their definition...they literally allow users to walk-off unwanted substances onto the mats, not the flooring. Although I have found Flotex by itself to be extremely easy to maintain by vacuuming and by occasionally wiping up liquid spills and stains.

Flotex also comes in a large tile format with a slightly thicker pile surface.

Then, of course, you could replace the carpet with stainless steel diamond plate! That'd work!

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