Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener

spalmer86February 16, 2008

I have a Craftsman 1/2 HP GDO. It has worked fine until a couple of days ago. I tried to open the door, it went up about 3 inches & stopped. The motor didn't grind, hum, tick or anything else. I checked the breaker, the plug, the wires, etc and everything seems to be in proper order.

Is there some sort of internal fuse/circuit breaker that might have flipped? Or any other suggestions?

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Remove the cover and check the drive gear. It is white nylon and is near the front of the motor. May be stripped.

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Happened to me, too. Removal of 4 screws on the back panel reveals a stripped gear. I called around town, found a repair place that fixed it for 72$. I undid the electrical stuff, removed 2 bolts above the unit and one pin at the far end of the chain drive. Trailed the thing though the length of my Hyundai with a flag on the end. They fixed it in one day.

Good luck with yours.

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spalmer, no noise at all? are the led on the wall control and the led on the powerhead on? If so check motor

UNPLUG UNPLUG UNPLUG, pull all three motor wires. either color to white should have have the resist of one color to the other. No cont to the case.

bad start cap usually maeks it hum

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