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macleod518July 13, 2006

My wife and I are looking to get either a leather sofa or loveseat, and a armchair with ottoman. We would love to keep the cost between $1000-$2000, if at all possible, but I don't want to buy cheap furniture and have to replace it a few years later. I would definitely consider myself a bargain hunter, so finding a high quality sofa on clearance would be best. I'm also not opposed to buying online, but considering how different every couch feels when sitting on it, I'm worried about online shopping. I love the look of the H&M traditional nailhead leather sofas, but they are way out of my price range.

I've read that 8-way hand tied springs with a hardwood frame provide the best "bones" to a sofa. Is it reasonable to think these features are in my price range? I've gone to many local furniture stores in Albany, NY and have yet to find anything in my price range with those features. I almost purchased a clearance Ashley loveseat & chair w/ ottoman at a big box store for $799 (retail $1499), but the salesrep couldn't tell me about the construction of the sofa, and the feet were a very cheap resin. From what I've read, the feet should be an extension of the frame. So this set off a warning signal to me.

Are there any particular manufacturers that produce quality, well-made furniture in my price range, or should I be looking to save up more money?

Finally, perhaps someone can shed some light on qualities of leather. I was told "split-grain leather" is poor quality and will crack over time, so I should look for "top-grain leather". However, I read on another post that "Full Top-Grain leather" is even better yet. Finally, I've also seen mention of "Aniline Leather". I don't know how this compares to the other kinds. My parents have a leather sofa that has a leather that feels very thick and supple feeling. Everything I've felt so far, has a thin, soft feeling. I'm afraid if my cats jump on the couch, they'll poke a hole right through the material.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.



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To get really good leather with 8way hand tied construction you will have to pay more than between $1000 and $2000. Your best option might be to look at used furniture in craigslist or something like that. The good thing about leather is that you can clean it up very easily and even tho used, it can look and feel very good, unlike used fabric. Aniline leather is thick and supple, probably like your parents, really high grade leather.
Thin leather is like plastic, hardly leather, not recommended. Good leather, well constructed sofa will probably start around $5000 and the same for a good chair and ottoman.

I have sold some really nice furniture on craigslist for a fraction of the original cost, that is why I mentioned that possibility.

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I think you can get an upper quality leather couch if you search a bit. I ordered a bradington young(upper mid
quality) leather couch and recliner this past year and the couch was about 1900. i ordered through blacklion.com (in north carolina) bradington young makes 8way handtied aniline leather furniture in AMERICA. they only make leather
furniture. I am very pleased with my couch and recliner, vey sturdy ,elegant soft leather blacklion was wnoderful to deal with, uses sun delivery(good rep.) as hancock and moore is out of my price range i did alot of research and deccided through this forum to go with bradington young
just some food for thought they have a website, bradingtonyoung.com and many local upper end furniture stores have on floor for you to try out

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I really appreciate both the responses. I'll make some calls to some local stores and see if any of them carry the Bradington Young brand. From what I see on their website, they have quite a few models I like.

I'm going to do a little research into this, but I just saw a sales ad for Stickley, and they have a leather sofa on sale for $1799 or $1899, I forget the exact price. It said hardwood frame and 8 way hand tied construction. Though this is on the high side of my budget, I've always heard Stickley was very good quality.

If anyone else has any opinions, please let me know.

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Look at Palliser. They have a standard line and an 8-way line. Nice stuff, and in your budget.

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Thanks for the info mogator88, I'll do some looking at Palliser.

I also just got back from Stickley, and the sofa they had on sale was actually a Bradington Young (sku - BRY-674-95) for $1799. I've put a link to the sofa below. I'm not sure how Stickley compares in pricing, but I'll look online to see. Has anyone noticed that no furniture sites list pricing, everyone wants you to call or e-mail to get quotes. What a pain!!! I think I'll start at BlackLion.com or Lexfurniture.com .

If anyone else has recommendations of where to look for best pricing, please let me know. Also, the link below is almost exactly what I'm looking for in a sofa, I just wish the sofa backs weren't seamed together. If anyone knows of other models that might be fit, I'm open to any suggestions.

Once again, thanks for everyones help!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Maples Leather in NC sells Legacy Leather, which I think runs about equal to better in quality than BY. Eight way hand tied, down wrapped cushions, lifetime warranty-- etc. They're made in Canada. I have been shopping, but haven't bought yet. Stores that carry BY and H&M usually carry Legacy if you ask. The website has been touchy lately, since they just redesigned it, but at the Maples site, I think her legacy is listed as Traditional and High Country. At Comfortsource.com, they call it Luxury Leather. Why do they have to be so confusing???? Anyway, Maples High Country Indiana sofa looks similar to the one you liked and it was listed at $1599 there. They retail for around $2500 and up unless you catch a sale. Also, Maples runs free shipping specials periodically. I am waiting to catch a sale so I can order. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Indian sofa-- Legacy

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Hello! I had to post, as I live in the Capital District just outside of Albany, NY! I've done my share of furniture shopping in the area and seem to always go back to DiSiena Furniture in Mechanicville (Dave)or New Old Stuff (reproduction,traditional,etc.)in Troy (Eve). Both places are dependable and offer good service and prices. For your leather purchases I'd try DiSiena! I'm actually considering buying 2 leather club chairs from Bradington Young.

Good luck!

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Valeriebloom - thanks for the recommendations. I actually have a trip scheduled for Saturday to DiSiena. I looked online through Bradington Young and found Disiena is a distributor. I'll check out New Old Stuff, I've never heard of it, but we are definitely looking for a traditional classic leather sofa.

I'm a big one for purchasing items online, but I'm very hesitant to purchase a sofa, without having sat on it. And alot of sites seem to change the names of the furniture, so you don't know if you are buying a Bradington Young or Legacy Leather. I guess if I call the online sites, they would tell me, right?

Is it reasonable to think if I find a sofa in a store I like and get the dimensions, like seat depth and back height, and then find a sofa online with the same dimensions (and same construction), they would feel pretty much the same?

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