Installing new hardwoods - how to handle doors with lower floors

hnelsonApril 13, 2012


Just had an estimate to remove tile flooring on our new home, which must have been installed over other flooring, in order to install hardwoods. The flooring guy said the new hardwoods will be lower by 1 - 1 1/2" to blend with hardwoods in adjoining rooms. Therefore our current doors will not go to the floor with the new hardwoods. We have 3 interior doors and 2 exterior doors that I did not budget to replace. Do I have any other options besides replacing? I am really bummed because if I must replace I have to replan my whole remodel to find the money.

Thanks much!

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Do not panic! If the doors are painted, it's EASY ...

1 - remove door
2 - sand or plane off the paint on the bottom of the door, and strip and sand at least the bottom couple of inches of the door.

3 - glue and nail (with finishing nails) a strip of wood to the bottom that is as deep as you need. Cut this to fit from any nice clear-grained boards. Depending on the height you need, it can be plain 1-in boards up to 2x6

Fill the end grain of the board, let dry, sand smooth.

4 - sand the joint and the rest of the door lightly, prime and repaint.

Mucho work, poco money required.

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