Good choice? 878 for Large Bassett Manor floor model

workinghardJuly 14, 2009

Hi, I am looking at my first furniture decision and found a deal that I am very enticed by. I just got out of college and landed my first job, so my wife and I were on the prowl for a decent couch. We found a large Bassett "Manor" floor model that is supposed to be around 6 months old-based on the the fabric and according to the manager. It has grade 23 rayon/polyester fabric, standard pillows, and their drop in coil system- is not as good as hand tied but suppose to be a decent second, and man it sits comfortably. It claims to be original price of 2179 but since it is a floor model clearance it is listed at 979, but the manager said she can come down 878, though obviously without any kind of warranty as it was a floor model. , I have been over and under it and done see any signs of damage and like I said it sits very well.

We aren`t looking for anything that will last forever, but just something that would last for a good five years or so as a main couch and have a decent life left in it as a guest room couch or something-or at least until we can become more established and begin a real home (we are just living at an apartment for now).

I have been reading all about smith brothers, etc. After taxes this couch is going to be breaking the budget that I set for myself anyway, though it is by far the most comfortable I have found near that price, remember, 878.

So basically my question is, how good a find do you think this is for the price point? Maybe not the wisest? or a nice catch? let me know what you think!

(oh, comes with 2 little pillows also, grade 25 fabric, but that is not significant to me).

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I think it's strange that they wouldn't offer a warranty, but...

My husband and I bought a Bassett sectional, a few years back. The frame was made with kiln dried hardwood (good, don't know if they still make them that way). The cushions ended up being too soft for us and we had them redone. At your age, you'd probably like them that way. We sold it to the people who bought our last house.

As long as you know that this sofa isn't going to be heirloom quality, you could do a lot worse at that price point.

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