Q1: Sears GDO Limit Switches Q

cciaffoneFebruary 27, 2009

Got an older (10 years??) Craftsman GDO that has become

very inconsistent in how far up it goes. Anywhere

from 8 inches from the bolt, to almost up to the

bolt. But when I look at the limit switches, seems

like it's working as designed. Can the (internal)

travel-limiting switches "move" due to vibration.

Should mention: all internal gears look great, do not

seem to slip, and are well lubed.

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The limit switch assembly does move over a long period of time but not as often as yours is doing. The shaft that goes from the sprocket to the gear runs through a bronze bearing. That bearing bears the weight of the door when it is opening and it just may be moving enough to cause the gear that drives the limit switch assembly to miss sometimes. Believe me this is speculation on my part but I can think of no other reason for your problem.

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