we have 8 foot garage doors

andrelaplume2February 23, 2007

What would the cost be in expanding the opening to 9 feet? Is it worthwhile? Its tight pulling in.....

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You would need to call in a contractor to get an idea. Prices will vary with location and individual circumstances, none of which you've supplied. An example of a few would be...
Stand alone or attached?
Is there a room over the garage?
Exterior construction?
Door choice?
These are a few of the items that will affect the price. There are others. Estimates from a few local contractors will be more accurate.

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One big issue is going to be reframing the opening. Currently there is some type of "header" spanning the 8' opening(s). A header is a beam of sufficient strength to carry the expected load from the ceiling and roof, and redistribute it onto the "jack studs" inside the wall at either end that support it. A header can be regular dimensional lumber, glulam, LVL, even a steel beam. To widen the opening will require removing the present header and replacing it with one long and strong enough to span the new 9' opening. It will likely be necessary to provide temporary support for the ceilinjg/roof while this is done.

I'm pointing this out so you understand it's not just a matter of cutting out a wider opening and installing new doors.

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I currently have 8 foot doors and want to expand to 9 foot doors. I got one estimate of 1,000.00 per door to finish the expansion. In addition, the estimate does not include the new doors that would be needed. I am still working with different framers to find one who can beat the price of a 1,000.00 per door and use (give money for the old doors)the 2 eight foot doors that would be removed.

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