Temporarily cover garage door vents

GardenerDevFebruary 2, 2014

The garage doors in my complex have vents in them to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. That's a noble goal, but sometimes we don't have a car in the garage and we want to be able to heat it to prevent pipes above freezing in the area above the garage, or in order to work in the garage in fall/spring/winter. I'm wondering if there's an easy way to attach a flap to cover the vents temporarily, that could then be removed when there will be cars in the garage?


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Garage door vents are not designed to 'prevent carbon monoxide poisoning'. They are too small to vent car exhaust. CO levels can easily rise to an unhealthy level even with the door itself open and the auto engine running.
I see no problem with closing them off unless you have a gas fired furnace and/or water heater drawing it's combustion air from the garage, but NEVER even start, let alone run, your car with the door less than fully open and make sure any container of lawn mower gas kept in the garage is properly capped.

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