craftsman 1/2 HP door opener electrical

ponyboiFebruary 24, 2007

I've just replaced the main gear in my unit and am ready to hook up the motor wires and pc board wires to the capacitor (not sure if that's what it's called). Even tho the directions were specific during diassembly, the tape I used to ID the wires and their relocation fell off during re-assembly. Please clue me in as to which wires go where.

Don, I guess you're the man. Thanks in advance!

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I have the same issue - there are about 12 wires from the ceiling and 4 for the sensors each. ???

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You will have 4 wires going to the start capacitor. Two of them are one color and other other two will be a different color.(example If you have two red wires hook them to the left side of the capacitor and if the remaining wire's are blue for instance, hook them to the right side or vice versa.) Hook the same two colors to one side of the capacitor and the other two same colored wires to the other side.


Are you trying to install an opener with pre-wire? Or do you have some other problem you are trying to diagnose? Please specify further.

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Thanks for the info doorguy. Should I assume that it doesn't matter which terminal; top or bottom; I plug the motor wire into ... if it's red, make sure it's on the left. If I plug the red motor wire in the bottom terminal on the left, should I also plug the blue motor wire into the bottom terminal on the right? Thanks again!

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Plug the red wires into the top and bottom on the same terminal plug the blue wires to the top and bottom of the other terminal. It does not matter which wire goes at the top or bottom. It does not matter if the blue or red is on the left or right, just as long as the same colors are on the same terminal.

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