Streaky stain on refinished floors

rfruitApril 2, 2013

I've read around this forum and a few other places about refinished floor nightmares, but I can't seem to find any specific incident of what I'm seeing on my refinished oak floors. We went a darker shade, and I can now see what look like streaks in the stain perpendicular to the boards. The streaks are more evident from across the room (since you're at a greater angle), but they are visible from right above. Is this normal for a refinish? If not what causes it? Improper sanding, bad staining technique? I'm trying to make sure I'm not crazy before I complain to the contractor. I've attached a picture. There's still some dust, but I've mopped the area in question a couple times so I know that's not causing it. You can see the streaks running left to right. They're more evident in person than the pic, but you can see them.

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Here's another picture

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You have what we call 'wave' and it is a problem associated with the sanding process. In my opinion...and it is a professional one...that floor is unacceptable.

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What you have is chatter marks. Here's a list of reasons why it happens.
The only way to eradicate is to completely resand.

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