Flooring for workshop

marys1000February 5, 2006

A friend just had a Lestor bldg put up but the guys

that did the cement floor didn't do a very good job

leveling the floor.

He had planned to put down vinyl squares for flooring

but now is worried about the uneveness.

For examle - where the grooves are, the edges are

higher than the rest of the floor. I think the outside

corners are a different levels. It doesn't look bad but

say when you put up a ladder in different places you can tell.

So now he's thinking of some sort of prefabricated system

where you put the floor on a foam product so the squares

can float.

Has anyone had a similar experience they dealt with and

had a successful conclusion? Or tried something in a similar

situation that they have been unhappy with the results?



P.S. he's looking for something nice but workshopish and

not too expensive.

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get some self leveling cement and pour it on the floor. it should level it out, as this is what the flooring folks use to even out floors before tiling.

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I have used that and it does work good.

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Yep, leveling compound.

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