Info needed on best fabric for sofa.. pet owner

manyblackbearsJuly 17, 2007

I am going to purchase a new sectional sofa. I have 2 small dogs that I allow on my sofas. If I purchase a Chenille fabric sofa will this hold up to dogs claws? I am afraid the Dog's paws will make pulls in it like Chenille sweaters???? Or is it too tightly weaved for that? Does anyone know? Thank you....

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Leather - 3 golden retrievers.

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I also agree with leather but looking at a pet friendly apartment guide, I'd also suggest matching it to your pets' hair color. Good luck!

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Do their claws scratch the leather?

I had fake leather many moons ago and my cat's claws actually punctured it. I've been leery ever since but I would loooove a nice leather chair someday. I have a cat and a dog.

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One of my goldens is on the couch constantly but we never see any scratches.

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dogs' claws definitely will scratch leather (experienced with a hyper active pug that hasn't had a claw trim in 3 yrs) and own a leather match sofa. His claws scratched both the leather part and the synthetic part.

My solution, is the magic fabric microfiber or any other thicker foam/synthetic microfiber type of upholstery. Microfiber is easily cleaned with a whip of a damped cloth with water and is resistant to odors. Check out my selections at my store.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sectional Sofas (Fabric)

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We had chenille for a year with a golden retriever and he never hurt the fabric. We got rid of it for other reasons (his hair was one of them) and now have leather. He does scratch the leather (and my hardwood floors) I try to keep his nails trimmed best I can, gets in the way sometimes :)

If your dogs don't shed too much, I doubt the chenille will be a problem. Microfiber would be a good choice. My mom has cats and has micro and it's not a problem.

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