Sears Craftsman GDO won't work.

wink22February 5, 2007

I've got a pretty old GDO (1986 maybe) that I just replaced the nylon gear on. The door worked fine for a day but now the motor will not turn on. When I hit the remote or the wall switch the unit makes a buzzing noise (kind of like someone buzzing somebody into an apartment building) and then stops. I checked the logic board and it looks good, so I'm thinking the motor just crapped out on me. Any ideas?? Thanks for your help.

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Check the start capacitor. It's job is to give the motor a little extra kick to get it turning. When it quits it gives the exact symptom you are describing. It is about 6 inches long and a couple inches in diameter. It is located right beside the motor.

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Thanks for the response Don. The start capacitor looked okay. I wasn't really sure what to look for, but all four wires were connected tightly. After further tinkering I think the problem is that the shaft coming out of motor with the worm drive on it does not turn freely. I have a similar unit on my other garage door and it turns very easily. Any thoughts? Possible that the shaft is bent??

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I can't imagine that shaft bending. Maybe the motor bearings are worn out. The motor is expensive - around $100.00. Might be time to get a new opener.

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