Tuftex Carrara (Shaw)

gaylApril 6, 2011

Does anyone know anything about this carpet? Its wearability, matting, stainresistance, quality, etc? Thank you...

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Tuftex traditionally is top of the line. I normally state all manufacturers make good and bad...but I will not ay that regarding Tuftex as it is Shaw's Cadillac of carpets. Good Luck. Tuftex is not nearly as common of a product in my mind because of price. I am a big Shaw Store and do not carry tuftex because it is pricey and we would have very little luck with it. But it is really a good product rest assured.

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Hmmm. What do you sell most of that is comparable? It sounds like you think this product is overpriced, so what other options are there with similar looks, wearability, matting, stainproof, etc, etc? Does the vendor get a higher mark-up with this one? Just trying to cover all bases. Thanks!

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No, I really don't thing its overpriced as long as the retailer is fair. It is top of the line carpets though...about as good as it gets normally. If it is a heavy tightly twisted yarn, it is as good as it gets and if you can afford it, it will last you a couple of decades. The mark up may be a touch higher as it is not as easily shopped but a fair dealer doesn't put a higher margin to a good product because they inherently make more dollars on a higher end carpet. Normally, and I should be shot for saying this..you can chisel a few more dollars on a high end because in theory there will be more profit dollars for them to play with. They do have higher risk though with high end carpet as their investment in the project is higher. It is spookier for a flooring store to lay 50 dollar a yard carpet then 15 dollar a yard carpet. If they have to eat the job or part of it , it is much more expensive. Therefore, they are supposed to make more profit dollars on a high end. Plus they give that job much more attention. Flooring is a business and a good store will make more profit dollars as a whole on higher end stuff or they wont be around to take care of you if there ever is a problem. And they are entitled to that. But you can negotiate a little more on higher end stuff...just be fair. Good luck. There's nothing nicer than buying good carpet with good cushion..and it will give you a much better return on your investment.

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