Garage Door Limit Switch Issue

scoutmanFebruary 21, 2009

I have a Chamberlain 4100 1/2 horse Garage Door Opener. Recently my opener would not operate and after inspection I saw that the worm and drive gear were shredded. I was able to replace the gears after reading many of the posts in this forum. After reconnecting everything the limit switch will try and travel past the contacts in both directions however.

I labeled all the wires before I began, so I believe they are all in the correct places again

I have checked that the brown, yellow and grey wires on the limit switch are secured

Any more ideas on what I can check? Is it possible my gears shredded because of a bad limit switch or logic board?

If I replace my opener with a new very simular opener from Chamberlain can I simply hook it up to my existing chain and bar etc..? Or do I need to replace everything?



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Just to double check. The gray wire should be on the center contact. The brown on the down contact and the yellow on the up contact.

The rail has been changed on newer openers so I think you will be stuck changing the chain also. If it were me I would bite the bullet and install all the new stuff. Maybe save the old door sensors.

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Thanks for the information. I reconfirmed all the wiring again, and it is connected as you describe, so at this point I figure I should just replace it.

I'm comparing belt to chain drive right now since it would be best to just replace it all. I understand how quiet belt drive is, but thats not a big issue for me. Would you happen to know if belt drive would hold up better and be easier on the motor in extremely cold temperatures?

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I really don't see how one would be better than the other in conditions you describe.

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I have a Chamberlain hd900d belt drive operator. The logic board went bad and chamberlain gladly sent me a new one covered under warranty. I installed it and now when I try to program it it appears to be working backward. That is, the black button is supposed to adjust the up limit and the blue button should control the down limit. they work opposite of that. Also the safety sensors reverse the dooor when the are obstructed but they do it when the door is going up and the door reverses and comes down instead of the other way around. I have checked the plugs connected to the logic board three times and everything appears to be correct. Does anyone have an answer for me? Chamberlain tells me that the board may be defective and they are sending me another. What are the odds of the new board that they already sent me being wired backward? Am I doing something wrong?

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