Sears 1/2 hp GDO replaced Gear...I have a ?

ltngrodsFebruary 16, 2009

I replaced the broken gear on my GDO. It seems that the trolley is moving the opposite direction. When I press the button, the trolley moves down the track and hits the bolts at the end of the track. When it hits the bolt, it returns back a few inches. I have the same GDO in my other garage and the trolley moves the opposite direction when you press the button. The sensors are clean and aligned, and I labled my wires before unplugging them and reinstalled them correctly.

Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like your limit switch assembly and your chain may be out of sync. Loosen the chain enough that you can remove it from the sprocket. Now run the opener until the sprocket runs in the counterclockwise direction and stops. With the door in the open position and everything connected as it should be replace and then tighten the chain. This will get everything back in sync and you may have to tweak the up and down limit controls just a bit.

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