craftsman 1/2 hp keyless entry

jockyfaFebruary 17, 2007

I have purchased the Keyless entry for that opener (mind you, I live in EDMONTON where it can easily be -30 and no problems, other than ice) - but I cannot make the pad work. I was wondering if you had any advice there, Don, the learn button works, the pad lights up, but after the four numbers, and hitting ENTER, nothing - it does not work. I've replaced the battery, and tried lots of things like using the remotes to set the pad - but still nothing. Please help - jocky

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There are several different frequencies craftsman openers work on. Therefore there are several different keyless and they are not interchangeable. What is the model number or the color of the learn button on your opener? I think you may have bought the wrong keyless for your opener.

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The keyless entry pad located on the outside wall of the garage isn't working. Is there a battery that needs replacing? The light on the buttons doesn't light up. And sometimes the light on the garage opener (that lights up the garage) stays on and dosen't shut automatically if the garage is close. But if the garage is open it will go off.
What do you suggest?

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There is a battery in the keypad. The circuit and relay that turns the light on doesn't know if the door is open or closed so I don't understand this. The light does stay on for 4 1/2 minutes which can sometimes seem like an eternity.

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