Theater Seating

dkfinorJuly 26, 2012

Any recommendations/manufacturers for theater seating? Looking for medium-high end. TIA!

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For a home theater? Or for a commercial place?

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Whoops ... home theater

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We used United Leather USA

Ordered through Gallery Furniture in Houston, but it is a company that makes what you want for your custom pieces. For instance, we wanted to optimize the area we had, so we had one section of our power recliners a "Texas sized" love if a kid or 2 small kids wanted to sit with the parents (when a movie gets scary) there was room. Also, with the 2 rows we had, we had the front row of seats slightly shorter than normal, and the back row a few inches higher than that the head of the person in front wouldn't be in the way (our ceiling height limited us...but being able to change the chairs fixed that issue.)

We were please with them. Not sure which web site shows the products better...Gallery Furniture or United Leather, but they are customizable. Didn't take long either. They were very customer friendly. The Gallery furniture store was a high priced sale "don't let them leave without a purchase" was what I heard being said to our salesman...which kind of annoyed me, but the company of the chairs (United Leather) was great.

Oh...the issue we had, which was resolved was...we had 4 seats per row...4 regular in the front, and 2 individual and a large love seat in the back. Because the loveseat was a little wider, the adjacent 2 seats were supposed to be narrower (so the row was the same width as the front row). They did make the love seat wider, but forgot to take 2 inches off of each chair in that row. Hope that makes sense. So then the chair row was 4 inches too wide, and was right on the edge of our platform. They sent out their guys, took the chairs back, cut them down, reupholstered them and redelivered them...all in about 10 days if I remember correctly. I was worried it would be noticeable, but I had completely forgotten about that until I started typing this message. I thought they were great to work with.

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