Any disadvantage to attached seat cushions?

dreedreeJuly 30, 2009

I saw a leather sofa at Bassett that I'm considering for our LR. The seat cushions, however, are attached! I've never had a sofa with attached seat cushions. The saleswoman said it will be great b/c then food and dirt won't get underneath the cushions, but I'm worried about whether the cushions will wear funny. With loose cushions, I can rotate them and they wear evenly...I vacuum underneath so I'm not really worried about what she said.

Also, I read somewhere that with attached seat cushions, you can't replace the foam later on...

Please can anyone advise? Thank you so much!!!!!

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The primary reason why furniture manufacturers use attached cushions is that it saves them money. A tight seat Bassett quality leather sofa should be $200 - $500 less expensive than a comparable loose seat leather sofa. They don't have to use expensive leather on the side you can't see.

It is true that you cannot replace the foam in the cushions In addition there is a strain placed on the stitching that attaches the cushions to the frame. These can negatively impact the life of your sofa.

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A friend of ours purchased a Natuzzi leather sofa with attached seat cushions and I have to say that he is not happy. He didn't realize the cushions were attached (tsk, tsk) and his one constant complaint is that crumbs do work their way in between the cushions. The problem is getting them out.

In addition, all the issues mentioned by laura are true. My mother had a very wise saying..."Sometimes cheap is expensive".

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Thank you both for posting. I have this bad feeling about attached seat cushions for all the reasons you mentioned. Even though the price is right, at what cost? I'm fearful that the seats will eventually rip away from the frame and the cushions will flatten down unevenly and then what a waste of $ on a sofa! Again, thanks a lot!

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"The saleswoman said it will be great b/c then food and dirt won't get underneath the cushions"

Thats a good one, someone should put together a top ten list of the most stupid things said by furniture sales people.
Like the one where particle board is stronger than hardwood because the fibers are glued together in different directions.

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I just got rid of my "loose" seat cushion couch, after 18 years! The bottom cushions velcrowed in place and the back cushions zippered. It was white leather and fairly expensive, but the design was such that the cushions kept falling forward, off the couch when you sat down. One of the zippers broke off the top cushion and then it slouched unable to hold itself upright. Eventually the leather seat ripped. I would gladly have replaced it after say.....10 years with a cheaper couch and attached cushions. Which is why the one I just purchased was much cheaper, a leather Lane recliner couch. Can you imagine this style sofa with cushions that come off? lol Not!

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