Liftmaster 1/2 HP

gmagic911xFebruary 13, 2008

The outside push button control will close the door when the code is entered, but will not close the door. I replaced the 9v battery with no change. Everything else works ok. Any suggestions what to do next?

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CORRECTION: The push button control will not open the door; however, it will close the door if it has been opened by the wall button or a remote.

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It sounds like you have lost range with the keypad. The closed door may be adding enough resistance to shorten it even more. It will most probably involve a new keypad.

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if your remotes have the same range as always , and another new battery doesnt help, clean battery contacts in keypad.

if still no go , replace.

YOu can test new remotes without opening package, unfortunately you cant test a keypad same way LOL

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