Reuse Trafficmaster Allure planks?

bunkster2April 23, 2011

Hoping I don't appear completely crazy, but has anyone pulled up an allure vinyl plank floor and reused sections of it? I want to change out the color in a kitchen (am going with another allure pattern) and have a very small guest bath with lousy sheet vinyl. I had a few extra unused planks from the kitchen and since it's floating, wondered if I could get 'sections' up for reuse. It's both recycle and a budget idea, but thought I'd check to see if anybody had tried this. Any thoughts appreciated,

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I think it will be hard to get them apart with damaging them, but you could give it a shot. You will probably need some sort of glue to re-adhere them together.

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I have pulled up planks to do a toilet repar. It can be done and still reuse the planks. The problem is that it is very hard to pull planks apart-since the adhesion is excellent, even after being soaked in water for 5 days. It is very easy to tear a plank instead of the adhesion strips pulling apart. I was not the one who replaced the planks after the repair, so it might have been the technique that was used wasn't too meticulous, but there are now little gaps at the seams where they were replaced.

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Try a heat gun at the seams...Then more glue...

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Thanks for the suggestions.....I figure it can't hurt to try this out. Any suggestions for the best glue, or will any vinyl adhesive be fine? Again, thanks for your responses.

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