Which Chamberlain???

rizzo0904February 17, 2007

I am looking to purchase 2 new garage door openers. After doing some research, I would like to go with Chamberlain. Price isn't an issue.

We want a reliable, quiet model. Our garage is under our dining room.

Our doors are 7 feet, average size. Are we okay with 1/2hp, or should we go with the 3/4hp?

Also, belt, chain, or screw??? The reviews for the whisper drive and power drive (screw) are both very positive.

Thanks for you input!!

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Quietest opener is going to be the belt drive. 1/2 HP openers are more than enough for a standard sized garage door.

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I've read a few reports of the belts getting twisted. Is this something to be concerned about?

Also, I live in Northern New England....does the winter cold affect the belt in any way?


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rizzo0904 these belts don't twist. I don't know where stories like these start. Harley Davidson has used belts instead of chains for years.

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I have never seen a belt twist or break, as a matter of fact I had one heck of a time cutting through one with cable cutters to shorten the operator rail once.

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Thanks ya'll. I'll be buying the whisper drive this weekend!!

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