Cork flooring brands (glue-down)

KitchenConfusedApril 17, 2013

Hello all
I have read some about cork floors here at GW. There isn't a whole lot of information probably because it's not used often as a flooring.
We are doing a whole house renovation. And want to put cork in the kitchen/pantry/living room.
We've decided on glue-down based on research about moisture etc. but the color we like is hard to find. We only found it at Home Depot!!!
Question is:

can we glue down cork planks meant to be clicked together? A flooring salesman thought we could

and second, is the Home Depot brand not of good quality?

If not, we will have to choose another color with another brand, which is not too big of a problem.
Any brands recommended?

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I can't see any reason you couldn't glue down floating cork but gluing down click lock floors can be difficult. Depending on the edge profile, glue can get in between the edges preventing them from locking down, especially when you're laying the floor backwards (when you have to slide the long edge of the tongue under a board that's already in the glue). It's also more difficult to get the boards slid under jambs and locked properly on the ends. When gluing down click lock floors we sometimes cut off the raised ridge at the edge of the long tongue to facilitate fitting. When doing this you need to make sure to get the pieces tight and possibly tape the surface until the glue sets.

As far as other brands go there's Natural Cork.
And Infinity Cork

There's lots and lots of choices. Enough to get you confused....
The Home Depot product is probably okay. You might want to consider adding a coat of finish within a year since it's in a kitchen.

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Thank you!! very very helpful.

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Did you do it? How is it working out for you? Which brand did you go with? Inquiring minds are wondering. lol

Thanks for any info you can post. I'm considering it for my tiny house, and would love it if you would share your experience.

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We will be installing glue-down tiles from Globus Cork (they had a hexagon shape that I really liked). We are prepping the subfloor now, so I should be able to report back on the installation soon!

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