frozen floor drain

youngbuckFebruary 7, 2007

hey all. i was hoping somebody would be able to help me with a drain situation. i'm in NW PA and we've been having some less than pleasant weather lately. With all the snow and junk that somewhat melts off of our vehicles after we park in the garage, the floor drain froze up.

I now have a half frozen lake in the middle of my garage...

Any tips/suggestions i could use to unclog/unfreeze this fairly easy?

I don't have any outside pets, so i thought perhaps some antifreeze and/or that 'icemelt' stuff would do the trick...but i don't want to do something that would screw up the drain.

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icemelt may damage your concrete, depending on what kind it is. You could hire someone to steam it. But you could also just sprinkle some sand on it and wait for a thaw.

Don't do antifreeze.

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steam it you say? maybe i could just try that myself with a little bioling water or something? i don't think that would hurt the PVC at all would it?

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Icemelt directly over the drain, a little at a time might work.

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Use calcium chloride.

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Hey thats funny, that help me here in central Iowa and having less than desirable weather. I use hot water and and a bit of drain cleaner.

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salt works well too.

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