Attached or Detached Garage?

tallytomatoeFebruary 15, 2013

I am getting plans drawn up for a new home and was wondering what you guys thought about attached vs. detached garages? The garage would just be for parking vehicles (no shop or anything like that) with stairs leading to storage above. What are the pros and cons of each? It will be a three car garage 40' wide x 25' deep. Is that deep enough for mid size SUVs and my crew cab truck?

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We recently moved and our new [to us] house has a two-car attached garage. We find it very convenient, especially on those -40 degree days. I put an overhead unit heater in and we keep it turned down to above freezing and we keep our freezer and extra fridge in the garage, along with the treadmill.

Our previous house had a two-car detached garage. It also had an overhead unit heater and we used it in much the same way. One advantage to a detached garage is that if you use it as a shop and have a mishap such as a fire, you don't burn the house down. That is not a consideration for you as you don't plan to use it as a shop.

Overall, we like the convenience of attached, especially given our climate.

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Thanks bobbymac - Location might of been helpful also (N. Florida). I think the convenience of being attached is what we want. The storage room above will be conditioned so being attached makes that easier. Can't imagine it being that cold. It was 30 this morning and I was freezing.

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