Lum. Liquidators' Golden Teak flooring (cross-posted in kitchens)

snowyctApril 6, 2012

Has anyone used this flooring? It's a prefinished wood from Lumber Liquidators' Bellawood line. I'm thinking about using it in a kitchen and am interested in the quality and durability over time (particularly since I know LL has gotten some iffy reviews generally). It would be installed by the GC renovating the kitchen. Thanks so much.

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You would probably sleep better by choosing another supplier. BR111 offers the same product plus they sell direct. Oh, golden Teak. I wonder what that is? Probably a Tiete Chestnut.

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Most often "teak" is cumaru, which can have significant problems as it dries. It's a lovely wood, but you need to address the home humdity climate it will be installed in or you will not be happy with it at all. That means a whole house humidifier in winter, and adequate humidity removing AC (not oversized) for the warmer months.

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Gosh, that's why I love this forum. I really appreciate your answers.

I don't think such controlled humidity is for me GreenDesigns - thanks for the warning.

gamountains -- I was afraid of that with LL. BR111 seems terrific though and I think Tiete Chestnut is exactly what I'm looking for. They say it only takes about 3-4 days to ship, which is great (I'm down to the wire). Thanks so much for the recommendation, and to both of you for sharing your knowledge.

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